A Beacon of Light Arises (The Yonuh Trilogy Book 3)
by on March 23, 2023 in Books The Yonuh Trilogy

In the aftermath of the confrontation with Zordic and the Prophet Bob, Yonuh goes in search of other shifters and Were-creatures to aid him and his friends against not only the P.A.N.E.L. squad, but the ever-growing zealous human followers. Tension boils over as humans turn their hatred on all supernatural beings, spurred on by the promise of the “divine savior” to return the world back to the way it was, before the plague happened. The situation spirals out of control as Zordic makes his move against Yonuh and his friends, forcing a painful ultimatum onto him. Will Yonuh let his friends die at the hands of the demon or will he sacrifice his own life and freedom to protect them all….

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