AUDIOBOOK A Storm on the Horizon: The Xander Bane Chronicles, Book Two
by on March 23, 2023 in Audiobooks

After narrowly escaping the treacherous vampires of Crimson Pass, Xander, and the Peacekeeper Selandra are being pursued by ravenous hordes of reanimated corpses. As the machinations of the necromancer’s plans unfold, an old acquaintance from Selandra’s past comes from the shadows, promising power and revenge. 

Xander Bane and his mage decide that it’s time to learn more about the dark conjurer. As the duo makes their way to Herrosa, they discover the true history of their world of Dragermora along the way. Will Xander and Selandra be able to stop the necromancer and her mad quest for death and destruction, or will it be too late for all the people of Dragermora?

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