When the Veil Falls (The Reset Series: Book Two)
by on March 23, 2023 in Books The Reset Series Uncategorized

If you can see and hear otherworldly entities, as well as hear the thoughts of others, what would you do…?Eve Driskell is a trouble young woman. Her life, since she turned fifteen, has consisted of short stays at various mental wards because she’s been deemed a threat to herself and others. Constantly harried day and night by a demon, Eve decides to end her life by driving her car into the Columbia River, but fails. She ends up being committed to the Oregon State Hospital. Her stay is short lived as the apocalyptic event known as the Reset creates death and chaos all around her as her psychic abilities grow painfully out of control. Can Eve Driskell escape from the crazed Ferals or will she die at hands of her demonic tormentor?

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